About us

BrosGroup Ltd UK was founded in 2015 in London, UK. We are a Congress & Meeting & Event specialist with an experience of 28 years, started in 1996. Our clients are international academic organizations and the pharmaceutical industry.



National and International Congresses, Public Events Organized by Government Agencies, Associations, NGOs and Other Legal Entities, Symposiums, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Local and International Training Courses, Local and International Professional Training Meetings, Professionally Oriented Summer Schools, International Preceptorship-Joint Meetings in Surgical Specialties


Destination Management Services, Travel Management Services, Company Incentives, International Reward Trips,  International Corporate Site Visits, Openings, Groundbreaking Ceremonies, Special Day and Night Events, Motivation Events, Roadshows, Open Air Events.


Product Launches, Special International Meetings, Press Launches, Vendor Meetings, Press Meetings, State Officials and Special Protocol Meetings, Term Meetings, Year-End Company Meetings, Periodical Sales and Marketing Meetings, Company Training Meetings, Groundbreaking Ceremonies



Project Management is the process of creating, implementing, monitoring and finalizing a specific series of events to meet goals and objectives under a designated scope to solve a problem or realize an opportunity. Project management also consists of optimizing limited resources, such as money, to provide quality solutions and customer satisfaction.

 – Traditional definition of project management

Although experts define project management as such, we look at it from a different perspective. This different perspective is why Bros group stands out from its competition and makes us special.

For us, every event is a project with its unique dynamics. And each project must be individually assessed in terms of its goals and objectives. Thus, every new event is an totally unique and exciting opportunity for us. We always strive to organize events that innovate, add a special touch, make a difference and create unforgettable, one-of-a-kind moments for participants.

For us, a project is never and never should be limited by its start and end dates. We believe that this period should be maximized and thoroughly planned in stages to meet project goals and objectives, and organize events that are remembered for years to come.

Our project management perspective has been the key factor in our many achievements.


We believe that creativity is key to creating groundbreaking and unforgettable projects. Accordingly, having a strong creative department who follow or even, stay ahead of global trends in a fast-changing and developing world has always been a defining principle of ours. To ensure sustainability of our creative strength, we have positioned our creative team as a type of “think tank”, a young and dynamic group with no creative bounds, to work under our roof.

Core services such as Graphic Design, Stage Design, Show Setup, 3D Animation, Presentation Designs, Video and Film Design, Production Services, Watch-Out Applications, Photography, Video Shoots, Camera Shoots, Web Design, Digital Services and so on are important pillars of our high creativity.


Our excitement and respect for our work has been growing since 1996. This, in addition to our core values and your support, has kept our confidence high.










In addition, Delta Medical Communications was founded within Brosgroup in 2015 specialized in medical communications and IT solutions for e-learning. Delta have developed a learning management system (LMS) and IT solutions used in academic meetings such as abstract submission & evaluation system, mobile app for congresses, congress registration system etc. Delta have been running online educational platforms for 4 years.


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